Clean Rivers Program

In 1991 the Texas Legislature passed the Texas Clean Rivers Act in response to growing concerns that water resource issues were not being addressed in a holistic manner. This legislation requires that water quality assessments be conducted for each river basin in Texas using an approach that integrates water quality issues within a river basin or watershed. To fund the program, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) assesses a fee from permit holders for water use and wastewater discharges.

TCEQ implements the Program by contracting with 15 partner agencies, including the Lavaca-Navidad River Authority (LNRA) and 11 other river authorities, one water district, one federal agency, and one council of government, to conduct water quality monitoring and assessments in the 23 river and coastal basins of Texas. Each river or coastal basin is assigned to one of the designated partner agencies. LNRA is responsible for Basin 16, the Lavaca Basin.

How does the public participate

One way the public can participate is through volunteer water quality monitoring via the Texas Stream Team Program.  Currently Texas Stream team volunteers conduct water quality monitoring in Lake Texana. LNRA sponsors these volunteers with equipment and supplies. Click on Texas Stream Team for further information.

The Texas Clean Rivers Act established a way for the citizens of Texas to participate in building the foundation for effective statewide watershed planning activities. Each CRP partner agency has established a steering committee to set priorities within its basin and to allow local concerns to be addressed and regional solutions to be implemented.

The Lavaca Basin Steering Committee

LNRA works with the Lavaca Basin Steering Committee to seek public input, disseminate water quality information, and set priorities for water quality monitoring in the Lavaca Basin. Membership in the Committee is open to staff from state and local governments, private landowners, representatives of industry and agriculture, and interested individuals. Anyone interested in participating as a member of the Steering Committee may contact the offices of LNRA and speak to General Manager, Patrick Brzozowski or Environmental Services Director, Chad Kinsfather. Meetings are held at LNRA headquarters--see map at right: