Community Development Partnership Program

The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority is pleased to announce that its Community Development Partnership Program will provide grant opportunities to communities, schools, and 501(c)3 non-profit organizations in LNRA’s service area.  The newly developed community development program aligns with LNRA’s mission to manage, conserve and protect the natural resources of the Lavaca Basin, in partnership with our customers, to enhance the growth and development of the basin’s communities and the well being of its citizens.

In 2011, LNRA was authorized by the Texas legislature to develop, participate in and sponsor economic development programs intended to strengthen the economic base within LNRA’s territorial boundaries, or water service area, and to further the economic development of the State of Texas.

Consistent with the legislation, any funds expended by LNRA in support of an economic development program should meet one or more of the following criteria:   Encourage economic diversification, Contribute to the health and development of a community to improve the attractiveness of the community, Improve the quality and/or quantity of services essential for the development of viable communities and economic growth including services related to education, transportation, public safety, recreation, health care, training and community planning or employment.    

During 2012, an Advisory Committee comprised of local citizens worked with LNRA Board and staff to identify community needs and better define how LNRA might craft a program to further community and economic development efforts and benefit the public.  Once a policy was developed and approved by the LNRA Board, a thirteen (13) member Review Committee was formed.  Consistent with LNRA policy, committee membership includes representatives of the City of Edna, City of Ganado, City of La Ward, County of Jackson, Jackson County Hospital District, Edna ISD, Ganado ISD, Industrial ISD and LNRA. 

For more information about the program, please call Patrick Brzozowski, LNRA General Manager or Karen Gregory, Deputy General Manager, Administration at (361) 782-5229.

2018 Grant Recipient, Jackson County Chamber of Commerce, $15,175
Pictured: LNRA Board of Directors President, Ronald Kubecka, LNRA Board of Director and Chamber of Commerce Secretary, Michelle Bubela, Chamber of Commerce President, Chris Lundstrom, Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Jessica Doelitsch, and LNRA General Manager, Patrick Brzozowski
2018 Grant Recipient, City of Edna, $12,500
Pictured: LNRA Board of Directors President, Ronald Kubecka, City of Edna Secretary, Becky Miska, and LNRA General Manager, Patrick Brzozowski