Water Quality

The Lavaca-Navidad River Authority (LNRA) monitors water quality in the Lavaca Basin, a drainage area of approximately 2,318 square miles encompassing all or portions of six counties:  Jackson, Lavaca, DeWitt, Fayette, Colorado and Wharton.  LNRA partners with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to administer the Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP) for Lavaca Basin.  At present LNRA routinely monitors for water quality parameters at 22 sites scattered throughout the Basin, including Lake Texana.  In addition LNRA contracts with the United States Geological Survey to maintain flow monitoring stations and to conduct extensive water quality analyses for organics (herbicides and pesticides) and trace metals.  

Below are links to information about LNRA’s water quality program. The first link will connect you to the LNRA on-line Water Quality Database, a user-friendly way to access historical and current water quality data.  Also there are links for monitoring schedules and maps, Quality Assurance and Work Plans, annual reports on Lavaca Basin water quality and other information.  Any member of the public with water quality questions or information regarding potential threats to water quality may contact or Chad Kinsfather of the LNRA water quality department or General Manager Patrick Brzozowski.

LNRA Water Quality Database 
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