About Lake Texana

Construction of the Palmetto Bend Project was approved by congress in 1968.  It was a cooperative water resource project between LNRA, the Texas Water Development Board and the United States Bureau of Reclamation.  Construction began shortly after contract execution.  Lake Texana began impounding water in May 1980.  The Lake was filled over a 2 year period in stages of elevation.  The conservation elevation of Lake Texana at 44.00 ft. was reached on May 6, 1982.

Palmetto Bend Dam impounds the waters of the Navidad River, Sandy Creek and Mustang Creek.  The dam is located 4 miles upstream of the confluence of the Navidad and Lavaca Rivers.  The River Outlet Works is located within the original Navidad River channel.

The reservoir's name was derived from the old town of Texana.  The Lake now covers the original site of Texana.  The lake reaches approximately 18 miles into the Navidad River Basin and covers the lower portions of Mustang Creek and Sandy creek sub areas.

The purpose of the project is to provide a dependable municipal and industrial water supply.  The current firm yield of the Lake's capacity of 161,085 acre-feet is 74,500 acre-feet annual.  The project was also intended to provide associated recreational, fish, and wildlife benefits to surrounding counties.



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