Lavaca Regional Water Planning Group

The official name of the regional water planning area designated as Region P by the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) in accordance with 31 Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 357 on February 19, 1998 is the Lavaca Regional Water Planning Group (LRWPG).   The LRWPG was established by appointment of an initial coordinating body by the TWDB.   The purpose of the LRWPG is to provide comprehensive regional water planning and to carry out the related responsibilities placed on regional water planning groups by state law, including Texas Water Code Chapter 16 and TWDB rules, including 31 TAC Chapters 355, 357, and 358, in and for the LRWPG.  Foremost among those responsibilities is the development of a regional water plan for the LRWPG that identifies both short and long-term water supply needs and recommends water management strategies for addressing them.

The Lavaca Regional Water Planning Area is composed of Jackson and Lavaca counties and Precinct 3 of Wharton County, including the entire City of El Campo. Other cities in the region include Edna, Yoakum, Hallettsville, and Shiner. Most of the region lies in the Lavaca River Basin, with the Lavaca River being its primary source of surface water. Groundwater from the Gulf Coast Aquifer supplies most of the water for the planning area. The largest economic sector in the region is agribusiness, while manufacturing, oil and gas production, and mineral production also contribute to the region's economy.

For more information about Regional Water Planning, please visit the Texas Water Development Board website at To contact the Texas Water Development Board Project Manager for Region P, please contact Jean Devlin at 512-475-1529 or e-mail


Current Group Members

The initial voting members of the LRWPG include the initial coordinating body appointed by the TWDB plus the additional voting members appointed by the initial coordinating body to ensure adequate representation of the interest comprising the LRWPG stated in Texas Water Code §16.053(c) and other interest determined by the LRWPG. Voting members are added or removed as necessary to represent the interest for which a member is sought and is willing to participate in the regional water planning process.

Phillip S. Spenrath, Wharton County Judge
Counties, Wharton County
Chairman, Executive Committee 

Neil Hudgins
GCDs, Wharton County
Vice Chair, Executive Committee 

Patrick Brzozowski, Lavaca-Navidad River Authority
River Authorities, Jackson County
Secretary, Executive Committee 

Jim Coleman, Jackson Electric Cooperative, Inc.
Electric Service, Jackson County
Executive Committee

Marie Day
Industries, Lavaca County
Executive Committee

Jack Maloney, City of Yoakum (retired)
Municipalities, Lavaca County
Executive Committee

Ed Weinheimer, El Campo pharmacy owner and attorney
Small Business, Wharton County
Executive Committee

Open Position
Municipalities, Lavaca County

Tom Chandler
Water Utilities, Jackson County                      

Stephen Cooper
Agricultural, Wharton County

Open Position
Agricultural, Jackson County

Bart J McBeth
Agricultural, Lavaca County

Richard Ottis, Rice Belt Warehouse
Industries, Wharton County

Edward Pustka, County Commissioner
Counties, Lavaca County

Robert Shoemate, Jackson County Soil and Water Conservation District
Environmental, Jackson County

Lee Hafernick
Agricultural, Jackson County

Michael Skalicky, Texana Groundwater District
Water Districts, Jackson County

Jill Sklar, County Judge
Counties, Jackson County

David Wagner
Public, Lavaca County

Open Position
Small Business, Lavaca County